Surfboard Quick Rax

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Load: 1-4 Shortboards, 2 Longboards 
or similas loads, 
Superior Quality Rax, 
Rust-Proof Metal Cam Buckle Locking System Encased In Padded Neoprene For Added Protection, 
UV Treated And Tested Webbing Straps, 
Extra High Eva Foam Pads (Keeps Handles & Zips Clear Of Roof), 
Reusable Carry Bag., 
Surboard Carrying Rax, Soft, Flexible & Secure, 
Easy to Attach & Remove, 
Designed for Cars without Roof Gutters

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1 Review

Mark 14th Nov 2013

Quick Rax for Quick Trips

The design and functionality of the Quick Rax is suitable for short distance trips to the surf, but I don't think it would be very stable carrying a longboard for longer trips at highway speeds.

As I am using the Quick Rax on a relatively expensive car, I have found that placing a towel or some other soft fabric under the Rax stops the duco getting scratched.

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