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Want to go to the Mentawai Islands?

Want to go to the Mentawai Islands?

Want to go on a boat trip to the Mentawai Islands with the king of shooting Gopro, and one of the world's best tube riders, Anthony Walsh

Surf the best waves of your life?

Get all the pro tips on how to shoot inside the barrel with your Gopro, while also getting tube riding tips from one of the world's best tube riders? 

You will get also get your sessions filmed by Andy Potts and Anthony from the air, water and boat, while you stay on the Oasis Mentawai Surf Charter. On top of this, there are a heap of prizes to be won from Gopro, Ocean and Earth, Imperial Motion, Litra gear, Knekt USA, Re-fuel. 

Anthony Walsh is one of the world's leading Gopro photographers and sponsored surfers.

From Australia, but now living in Hawaii, Anthony is famous for huge barrels at Pipeline in Hawaii and Teahupoo in Tahiti, and 20 seconds barrels at Desert Point in Indonesia. He is regarded as the world leader in shooting Gopro and his tube riding skills are amongst the best in the world.

To join Anthony for this amazing trip ,click the link below:


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Deluxe Wetsuit Bag

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