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Tyler Wright | 2017 WSL Champ

Tyler Wright |  2017 WSL Champ

"I was happy before I won, and I'm just as happy now," Tyler Wright said from the Honolua Bay channel moments after capturing her second World Title on the spin. The maturity and contentment was evident as, win or lose, Wright had carved out a space on Tour that she is now entirely comfortable with. In a WSL profile before the Maui Women's Pro, Wright had said that it was only now, after six years on Tour, that she was finally surfing at the level of which she is capable. As her main opponents Fitzgibbons and Conlogue visibly failed to handle the pressure, Wright's new perspective gained over two highly emotional, often difficult but ultimately successful years, was the difference. And as she said afterwards, she's nowhere done yet.

Source : WSL

Photo: Kelly Cestari

Photo : Damien Poullenot