Mens Ulu Surf Cap - Grey

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One size fits all (velcro back). 
Technical surf Cap. 
Lightweight quick dry material, 
Invaluable protection from harmful sun exposure, 
Minimizes annoying glare, 
Stiff front brim to keep clear vision also flips up for paddling, 
Padded neoprene head band, 
Adjustable quick release chin strap, 
Side mesh vents release water after duck dives and wipe-outs, 
Velcro head adjustment, 
Attach wetsuit zipper webbing to velcro head adjustment for
added security, 
Protective mesh over ear section

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1 Review

Mark 13th Apr 2017

Perfect for anything associated with speed and sun

And AGAIN a product home run for E&A! For sailing I prefer this cap to the Indo Surf Hat, because it is easier to look sideways up at the streamers and wind vane to see what the sails & wind are doing. Whether it's the wind or the surf coming at you, the brim stands firm, the clasp on the chin strap holds firm, the ears are nicely protected. The material is strong yet soft to the touch. The workmanship on it is outstanding, the UV will not fade it or effect it.

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