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The Summer Waves Photo Competition

The Summer Waves Photo Competition

What a tops time of year it is to be a surfer in Australia: the waves are fun, the sessions are long, and the coast roads are ready for exploring. It’s summertime! It also means our Summer Waves Photo Competition, presented by Ocean & Earth, is back and waiting to be won by some sick summery pixels! 

Looking for images that capture the essence of Aussie summer surfing, the Summer Waves Photo Competition will award our favourite “Summer Waves” photo with a ridiculously good prize pack from Ocean & Earth valued at $1900 AUD. Are you kidding me? Our second favourite Summer Waves photo will score big too, with an Ocean & Earth pack valued at a cool $515 AUD.

How tops is that? How tops is summer? How tops are sick summer photos? Heaps tops!
Entry is easy – Just get snapping, upload your shots with your basic details, and you’ll be in the running!


First Place Prize Pack Includes

* ONE XT 6'0" Allround Comp Leash
* ONE XT 6'0" Premium Leash
* Kanoa Igarashi Tail Pad
* Owen Wright Tail Pad
* Waterproof Duffle Bag
* Strike Hooded Poncho
* 5'6" Ezi rider Softboard
* 4 Board Free Standing Rack
* 3 Fold Surf Locker
* Zero Zip L/S Spring Suit
* Key Lock
* Front Zip Supa Flex Paddle Vest
* 10 x Shnap Surf Waxes
* Shortboard Stretch Cover

Total Value: $1900AUD

Second Place Prize Pack Includes

* Double Compact Shortboard Cover
* Strike Hooded Poncho
* ONE XT 6'0" Allround Comp Leash
* Simple Jack Tail Pad
* Deluxe Wetsuit Back Pack

Total Value: $550AUD

Entries will close at 5pm AEDT Wednesday January 23 2019 & winners will be announced January 24, 2019, on