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SurfTravelStoke : Matt Bromley Global Slab Hunter

SurfTravelStoke : Matt Bromley Global Slab Hunter

For most of us the concept of traveling the world chasing waves sounds like the ultimate dream. South African surfer Matt Bromley is living every surfer's dream however when you see the waves on Matt's radar you may think again. 

We caught up with Brom and asked him what it is like traveling the planet searching for big waves and slabs?



" Traveling the world , chasing slabs is an interesting business. I wake up and check the charts around the world for big storms. It’s kind of like chasing the winters around the globe. When the elements line up, I’m checking in with local guys on the ground to see if it’s gonna be risky and then call up videographers and photographers to document the swells.


It’s always last minute. When you make the call to chase a swell it’s such a rush in itself! I throw my quiver in my O&E coffin, throw in some socks and undies and race for the airport. We usually make the call in the day and fly out that evening.

And when you arrive and it’s big and cooking, you gotta get your mind in gear to charge and leave the jet lag and discomforts behind.


It’s always a gamble, but when it all comes together, and we capture some bombs, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! "


Big Wave Pin Leash

Quad Coffin

Floating Tow Rope