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Surf Holiday Essentials - #1 A Trustworthy Surfboard Cover

Surf Holiday Essentials - #1 A Trustworthy Surfboard Cover

Dreaming of your next surf trip?

It’s easy to get caught up in the flow of life. Work, family, friends, must attend events and before you know it three months has flown by. The fluid motion of life means that sometimes you overlook small but important details. 

I’ve had friends go on surfing trips with the bare essentials. I also enjoy traveling light but sometimes it pays to be a little prepared. The last time we went on a trip overseas one of my mates took a couple of his favourite boards in a borrowed, thrashed board cover. At the time I thought to myself, ah that doesn’t look like the smartest move but I’m sure it will be sweet.

Surprise surprise, it wasn’t. Luckily enough the boards made it there in one piece so he was able to enjoy a prime week in the Mentawai islands with us. However when we returned home his boards must have been stacked with other luggage on top. This meant that his favourite JS 6’0” board was busted up, all because he’d left the trip to the last minute and forgotten to order a new surfboard cover.

Working in the surfing industry I hear similar stories all the time. I’ve heard of people trying to stuff too many boards into a board cover and arriving to find 2 out of three boards snapped. I’ve witnessed guys trying to juggle luggage and their boards without being careful and dropping the boards on concrete and completely cracking the rails.

All of these factors have made me an overly cautious traveller. When I travel with surfboards I always carefully plan a few weeks in advance. The first question that I ask myself is, “How many boards am I taking?” Once I’ve decided on a number based on where I’m heading and what the expected conditions are going to be then I ask myself the most important question, “Is my board bag cover in good enough condition for this trip?”

As seen in the shot above, team rider Russell Bierke uses the Ocean & Earth Triple Wheel Shortboard Board Cover when chasing waves up or down the coast. The Triple Wheel Shortboard Cover has a heavy duty inline bearing wheel system. This means that you can save your shoulders for the waves and let the wheels do the work. Personally, I like having wheels in my surfboard covers. I think that besides saving your arms, it actually also allows you to double your surfboard cover as a suitcase. I pack in all sorts of surfing essentials like towels, swimwear, wetsuits and more into my surfboard covers.

Ocean & Earth produce the worlds best surfboard covers that are durable, resilient and padded in all the right places. Browse the huge range of board covers at Ocean & Earth today.