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Stay Safe from the Team at O&E

Stay Safe from the Team at O&E

This past week along the South Coast has been devastating to say the least.

We were lucky that all our employees were safe and none lost their homes. We were also very lucky that the factory escaped the fires.

Many people were not so lucky and they need your help. The NSW Rural Fire Service have been working for over a month along the coast to contain these fires and save lives and properties. If not for them many coastal communities would have been wiped out. Please donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service and show them your support.

The South Coast will need everyone’s help to rebuild these communities. The best way you can help is by donation to your charity of choice or even better, please plan your next holiday on the South Coast.

This was the busiest time of the year for these local communities and where most get their income for the entire year.

Also our condolences go out to everyone that has lost homes and loves ones.

We also know that these fires are not over and that anyone in effected areas please have a plan well in advanced and please put your safety first.

It’s going to be a big effort to get these communities up and running again and we stand by our fellow residents to make sure the South Coast comes back bigger and better then ever. We hope everyone else can help as well.