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Part of your Summer quiver

Part of your Summer quiver

Check out the world's largest range of soft boards . We are now full stocked across all series, colours and sizes. Be sure to beat the Xmas rush as these are selling fast. 


Designed directly with MR using his classic twin fin templates the MR Series is a fun range of soft boards in two different constructions - the Ezi-Rider for the frothing grom and the stiffer Epoxy/Soft suited to the surfer wanting more performance and fun.



Ezi-Rider soft boards have stable, versatile template shapes that suit entry level surfing, right through to small wave shredding. Constructed from durable, high quality materials.



The Happy Hour is all about fun with an edge! Suprising all round performance with the stiffness of an epoxy board plus the benefits of a durable soft textured deck.



The Puffer model features a wide outline with slight hip into swallow tail. Combined with a single concave into vee channel bottom, rolled deck and five fin set up the Puffer is the ultimate high performance soft board!



The Bug Mini is the perfect introduction to the waves with a soft, durable deck and soft PU fins. This soft board has been designed for supreme stability to help the young ones learn and have a fun time!



A collaboration between O&E's proven soft board designs and Jack's wild graphics. A full range of soft boards for groms through to performance.