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Kanoa Igarashi : Corona Bali Protected 2019 Champion

Kanoa Igarashi : Corona Bali Protected 2019 Champion

Big congratulations to Kanoa for taking out his first victory on the WSL at the Corona Bali Protected 2019. Not only was this Kanoa's biggest career win but also makes him the first Japanese surfer to claim a championship tour event win.

Kanoa's path to the podium wasn't an easy one, taking out Ace Buchan, Kelly Slater and a fired up Jeremy Flores. It was a combination of patience and technical surfing that forced Kanoa over the line.

"My first round was so terrible, I didn't catch any waves and I was just thinking what is the point of all of the hard work you do, all of the one percenters, all of the time in the gym, all of the time alone and surfing alone and now it all makes sense."

Kanoa has been on the O&E team since he was a tiny 11 year old prodigy. All the best from the crew at Ocean and Earth, looking forward to an exciting year ahead and many more tour victories. Congrats Kanoa!


Kanoa's equipment

Kanoa Signature Grip Blue

Kanoa Signature Orange

One XT Pro Comp

Ocean Earth Quad Wheelie