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Expand Your Quiver - The Ezi-Rider Soft Board Range

Expand Your Quiver - The Ezi-Rider Soft Board Range

The countdown to summer is on! We always like to celebrate the return of hot sunny days spent in the ocean.

Who doesn’t love surfing in just their boardies?

Summer is a special time, a time of opportunities presented by incredible blue bird days and soaring temperatures. It is also the perfect time for lazy beach days with your mates, friends and family.

The Ocean & Earth brand is also about celebrating the fun that is riding waves for everyone, no matter how well you surf! It just so happens that the change of the winter season into summer the swell size begins to drop off leaving us with often smaller slower onshore waves with less power – perfect for Longboards and soft boards! Besides smaller waves, the general crowd sizes in the water grow as the warmer water temperatures encourage old and new surfers alike.

So there already is a couple of great reasons on why to invest in a Ezi-Rider nine footer. For 1, you can offer your first born child their first ocean experience, or perhaps your little sister, girlfriend or even someone who is not too confident in the ocean to experience what it is like to ride a wave. 2, you can take advantage of poor conditions that often plague the East Coast of Australia during the summer time and still have fun riding waves. And 3, let’s say you’ve packed on a few pounds over winter, the Ezi-Rider soft boards have stable, versatile template shapes that offer extra volume in the surfboard that will help you paddle faster and enable more floatation when there is less motion in the ocean!

Ocean & Earth is all about encouraging old and new surfers alike to enjoy the ocean and riding waves, some of the key reason why the Ezi-Rider softboard is so popular.

As seen in the Ocean & Earth videos online and social media you’ll often see pros like Ellis Ericson shredding on the Ocean & Earth Ezi-Rider soft board (when he is not in Indonesia). The Ezi-Rider soft board has EPS Core which is Highly waterproof & lightweight. And, 3x stringers that increase board strength and maintain rocker. There is also a HDPE Bottom Plate that is 1mm thick offering a durable, extra strength performance slick that is available in a range of colours. What is also great about the Ezi-Rider is that there is an interchangeable Fin Box, compatible with most major fin brands. And if you’re worried about delamination in the car in the middle of summer, we’ve included a thermal reactive simulation that helps protect all Ocean & Earth soft boards (tested in a heat induced environment at 70°C for two hours). The Ocean & Earth Ezi-Rider is guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months from date of purchase.

Ocean & Earth produce the worlds best soft boards that are durable, resilient and constructed from the highest quality materials and processes. Most importantly they are so much fun and a must-have for summer time at the beach for all the family! Browse the huge range of  soft boards at Ocean & Earth today.