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Dakada Walters joins the Ocean & Earth Team

Dakada Walters joins the Ocean & Earth Team

Ocean and Earth is proud to announce the signing of newly crowned Australiasia/Oceania Pro Junior Champ Dakoda Walters to the International team.

Dakoda has had a brilliant year in 2019. Being freshly crowned the Australiasia/Oceania Pro Junior Champ, Dakoda won the Hydralyte Sports NSW Pro Junior, The Gold Coast Pro Junior and The Hydralyte Sports Shoalhaven Pro Junior, while placing 2nd in the Key Sun Zink Sydney Pro Junior. Taking the Australiasia/Oceania Pro Junior title well before the last event.

On top of this, Dakoda’s versatilitysees him as one of the most exciting free surfers coming out of Australia. Just releasinghis second film project with Stab Mag this month, “4 boards - 2 Wave pools” the clip has already had over 30,000 views within 10 days. Following up from his hugely successful first release “4 boards, 4 weeks”.

Regarded as one of the best junior surfers in the world in both competition and free surfing, his explosive new age surfing is sure to rattle everyone next year once he completes his Higher School Certificate and is free to roam the world, competing and making clips.

Dakoda joins the International OE team of Owen and Tyler Wright, Kanoa Igarashi, Ryan Callinan and Russel Bierke.

CEO/ Founder Brian Cregan couldn’t be happier, “to include one of Australia’s hottest young free surfers and the Australiasian/Oceania Pro Junior Champ to our team, strengthens our team even more.”

International Manager, Phil Macdonald adds,“O&E have been supporting junior surfing in Australia since the Original Pro Junior in 1980. Watching Dakoda surf at such a young age, he has the potential to be as good as anyone I have seen come through the ranks. He can do all the tricks, while holding a tight rail and can surf any type of board, in any condition. O&E is super excited to watch and support Dakoda’s surfing progress into the future and be part of the O&E family.”

Dakoda is equally stoked to join the O&E team. “ I have been testing out O&E products over the last few months and by far they are the best quality I have used. No matter where I was surfing or traveling, I could always trust their products. I am equally stoked to join the O&E team along with Owen, Kanoa and Ryan, who have all been blowing up this year. I also can’t wait to develop my signature tail pad which will be released next year.”