Regular Moulded Leash - 7ft

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Wave Size: 8ft (2.4m)
Cord Dia. :  932" (7mm)
Strap :        50mm - 2 x Padded

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2 Reviews

mick 24th Feb 2018

Regular molded 7ft legrope

Just received an email from O&E to add a review about the Regular Moulded 7ft leash I purchased online the other day, so here goes.
Had a surf at Kirra during the cyclone Gita swell. If you haven’t been under a rock lately you would have seen footage of a few of the Kirra sessions, so you’ve got an idea of the conditions and size. Well took a couple of wipeouts on a few drainers and the leggy held up fine, it stretched and kept my board attached to my foot, what more could you want. And the ankle strap is real comfy.
Best of all though I didn’t see any O&E sponsored surfers on jet skis in the lineup but plenty of other surf companies sponsored pros who basically f#*ked up a good session. Noise, fumes, wake from the skis messing up the waves and snaking greedy pros, worse than surfing in shipping lane and just as dangerous. SO buy O&E gear because their guys won’t wreck your surf session at 4-6ft Kirra

Surfer 5th Jul 2017

Regular Moulded Leash-7ft

Well made solid leash....quality wont have any problems

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